Anyone can place an order, regardless of their account at the Moissanite Fancy store. An account can be created before or during shopping.

After selecting the product along with the attributes assigned to it, add the item to the basket. At this stage of the order, the customer can finish shopping or continue shopping by returning to shopping. After shopping, choose the payment method and enter the rebate code if necessary. We confirm each stage of the order with the next button. After completing these steps, click on the CUSTOM button. Address data can be entered or changed at this stage. Then we go to confirm the order where you should check all the data.

In case of data compliance, after confirmation, the customer will receive the following information:

Order number

The total amount to be paid

Store bank account number (when paying by bank transfer)

Contact details for possible contact with the store


After placing an order to the e-mail address provided earlier, the customer will receive confirmation of the purchase in the store, with the data in the form of quantity, type of products purchased, the total amount to be paid.